Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is sold out in the first pre-orders

The first market news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are positive. The most important mobile network operators in South Korea offered to possibilities for customers to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it is already sold out. The Samsung company confirmed that the mobile phone will be available for purchase on September 26th in South Korea. The Note 4 phablet will be available for purchase in the rest of the world in October.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Specs: 4GB RAM, 2K Display, 20.1MP Camer

Every time the market phablets become the favorite choice for most users, Samsung is among the first to know the benefits of it, with their series of the Galaxy Note. The company is going to update the range soon with a new member - the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

These early rumors talk about a phablet, which has a design similar to the Galaxy S5 and which would add to the fashion for high-resolution displays. The so-called’ 2K resolution’ (2560 x 1440 pixels) would be supported by the SoC Snapdragon 801 processor, although the company may also use the Hexa-Core one.

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iPhones are for rich people, while Android is for the poor

A recent analysis conducted in different U.S. cities reveals a fact that will rise many questions: the iPhone would be the mobile phone used by the wealthy people and the Android would be the one preferred by the working-class or the people with fewer resources.

The study takes data from major U.S. cities, and sociologically it does not have to be applicable to the rest of the globe. On the other hand, it is based also on the use of Twitter as a source of data and obviously, not everyone uses this network worldwide.

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The Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 has a screen of 4.5-inch

New rumors about S5 Samsung Galaxy Mini (Samsung SM-G800) confirm the use of a Super AMOLED screen of 4.5 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels powered by the quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400.

It would be accompanied by 1.5 GB of RAM, 16 GB of expandable internal storage, 8 megapixel rear camera, 2 MP front camera, infrared sensor, 2100 mAh battery and Android 4.4 operating system KitKat.

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HTC Desire 616 is the first Octa-Core HTC to be filtered

A day after the announcement of the HTC One (M8), known as filtering the upcoming release of the Taiwanese company, HTC Desire speak of 616, which you could say that it is the poor man's version of the HTC One.

With a similar design, we find unattractive smartphone with a very "plasticky" look (we might even think that this is a bad Chinese copy of the HTC One).

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The Nexus 6 could be a "lite" version of LG G3

Manufacturers are aware that there is a struggle for positioning of brands and models, which is growing right now. The users have become increasingly demanding , so they want to have the best of each company at the lowest price possible. That is not always compatible, so many companies have generated second versions of their terminal franchises. And the in case of LG, it goes beyond the future and next Nexus 6 .

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The New Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming

Conservative and elegant, the Samsung Galaxy S5

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be described as a continuation of a design. Returning to the successful use of plastic for better or worse, has helped this model of the phone to stand in its current position. The improvements seem borrowed from the best competitor phones, e.g. the water resistance of the Sony equipment or the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 5S.

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