iPhones are for rich people, while Android is for the poor

A recent analysis conducted in different U.S. cities reveals a fact that will rise many questions: the iPhone would be the mobile phone used by the wealthy people and the Android would be the one preferred by the working-class or the people with fewer resources.

The study takes data from major U.S. cities, and sociologically it does not have to be applicable to the rest of the globe. On the other hand, it is based also on the use of Twitter as a source of data and obviously, not everyone uses this network worldwide.

The data from your smartphone, computer or tablet can be collected from a specific user but MapBox used the potential of their databases to combine on a bigger scale and get results from any poll or survey carried out. And so each time a user tweets publicly showing the location of their message, it is stored on the servers of the company with the Machiavellian idea of ​​combining these two provocative data.